Education Overview

greek-lgWelcome to the education branch of Sagadahoc Preservation. Our mission it is to increase knowledge of our members and the public about the architecture found in the Midcoast area. If you are intrigued by that idea follow this page through the basic architecture course that we teach to the fourth grades in Bath, Georgetown and Woolwich.

Contact us if you or your organization would like to take this course. We would be delighted to provide instructors and materials. You can email SPI at

The photographs below are fine representations of the five styles we deal with in those classes. They don’t begin to cover all the types of architecture that may be observed in this part of the Midcoast. They do, however, allow us to teach elements of style and vocabulary that serve our students well .Our hope is that upon completion of these lessons they will have new awareness of their surroundings and appreciation of the wonderful buildings that are part of their everyday lives.

queen-lgTo view the description of each style click on the picture. You will read what we tell the students and maybe add some new terms to your own vocabulary. At the end of this section you will find an interactive word list to test what you have learned. To help you out some of the key words are highlighted.