Queen Anne Architecture

The Queen Ann style home were built from 1880 to 1910. These houses have varied roof lines. There is at least one local example that includes several gables , a section that is hipped and a tower. The siding is sometimes clapboard but it is shingles that are one of the primary characteristics of Queen Anne. The towers are round or multi-sided. In this era we find houses with all sorts of window sizes but most are still multi-light double hung however some had begun the transition to multi-light on top with single light below.  Now stain glass appears used in the home.

One of the substantial changes that appeared with the Queen Anne style is a front porch big enough to sit on. For the most part asymmetry is the rule. The houses appear highly decorated but it is mostly the varied roofs, textures, trims and colors that give this effect. The use of many different types of shingles is considered a hallmark of the style. The home pictured on the right has seven different cuts of shingle.